Spicy wholegrain noodles with asparagus and brocolli


Basicly, the title of this post says it all. I’m a huge pasta and noodle fan and I was really happy when I found vegan wholegrain noodles in Tesco. And then came this dish and it’s one of my favourites for these 3 reasons:

A) quick

B) easy

C) delicious, spicy, just few ingredients, healthy, vegan 🙂

All it takes is this:

Brocolli, asparagus, couple of chilies and a clove of garlic. And all you chop is the last two.

Throw veggies on a pan, with a teaspoon of coconut (or any other) oil, let them cook for ~15mins while they get soft-ish, then add chopped garlic and chili. Add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and let stir for another 7mins.

Meanwhile cook noodles as said in instructions. And mix all together. I usually add a bit of hoi sin sauce or sweet chili.

That is it! Simple as that. Enjoy!


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