Warm couscous veggie bowl


Today after crazy leg day at the gym, I decided to make something nutritious and rich. My ‘throw everything in one bowl’ turned out better than expected.

Since now I am also counting callories, I used scales to understand how much of everything I am cooking. And it was:

30g of baby spinach

150g of brocolli

100g canned chickpeas

100g of aubergine

1 portobello mushroom

2 teaspoons of pesto

75g pearl cous cous

Salt, pepper

Starting of slicing the veggies ans placing on a baking sheet and in the oven for 200°. I never take the timing because I just check when they look done and soft, nicely roasted.

I tried not to use oil, but gave them a little spritz of this one:

It’s like some oil spray and says only 1kcal per spray (nice, huh?) You can add salt and pepper if you wish. Meanwhile, cook couscous as said on the package.

When vegies are roasted, just mix everything together in a bowl and top up with pesto. Chickpeas are coming straight from the can, rinsed.

I used this Sacla vegan pesto, it tastes as good as the regular one. Ofcourse, you can make a fresh pesto, but this is a quick version.

In total my meal had less than 500kcal but was so rich and filling, I barely could finish the whole plate. 🙂


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