Chameleon glow from TOPSHOP

Hey all,

Yesterday, while wandering the sales in the shops, I accidentally caught myself at TOPSHOP beauty stand. Usually I am not a fan of clothes store make up but something had spoken to me and those were these small, cute, round matte pots with something irresistibly shimmery inside. I dipped my finger and ‘oh my!’ those were soft, very pigmented, amazing chameleon shade eyeshadows. I had to have them.

Came home and really wanted to try them out on a smokey eye, so that’s what I did. Quick, smudgy smokey and ‘dab dab’ chameleon on top. WOW! I even used my small selfie led lamp which I never use, to see the sparkle better. I must say, the green one is my favourite.

I am sorry for the swatch pics (it’s all because of unplucked brows)

I checked their homepage to see if they have more shades and also to check their price, because in the shop I didn’t see it. £9.50 per pot (and I paid £13.50 at the check out – score!). Unfortunately, three shades only, besides, green one which is called U-TURN, is not there. The pinkish one that I have is SHUFFLE THE CARDS and I am definitely going back fow WAX + WANE.

The brand itself calls these beauties a dual pigmented powder that can be used as an eyeshadow and facial highlight. Will try out the second option tomorrow, I bet it will look stunning.

I promise to try these out in a light make up as well. Have you tried something from TOPSHOP beauty? What’s your favourite clothes-store beauty brand?



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