Hey you!

Today I was enjoying lazy morning with coffee, tv shows and feeling of no rushing and it felt like a perfect time for a sheet mask. Yesterday I bought Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb. To be honest, what hooked me on this one was hyaluronic acid (and a discount ofc – £1.24!).

But lets be real – does sheet masks really work? I mean, they sure are easy to apply, not messy, just removing the mask and voilà! But what about the effect? Is there a diffedence after you have used it? I have used different types – with hyaluronic acid, snail slime etc, but after the usage it’s the same as after aplying a moisturising cream.

In conclusion – I love them for they convenient usage, but don’t really like the sticky feeling after removing them (just removed my sheet mask and touching my face).

What are your thoughts? Maybe you have discovered a miracke worker sheet mask?



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